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  1. Casino Fatboss external simplicity is impressive
  2. Fatboss is a good companion
  3. Fatboss Casino has a battalion of money transfer methods at its disposal
  4. The licence is firmly in place

With a variety of gaming sites sprouting up like mushrooms in the rain, we get to explore another fresh player that offers good deals for those interested in both slots and betting. Fatboss Casino is certainly an unknown player to the general public, even though it has only recently come into the limelight. It is owned and operated on a day-to-day basis by a company called Condor Malta Ltd and has a few similar operators under its wing. Both LuckyBull and Big5 Casino have their origins in the same melting pot as Fatboss and, on the surface, the only difference between the brothers is their exteriors. By their own admission, this newcomer offers a hefty game library alongside a fair handful of tournaments and daily prizes. There are plenty of payment methods to share, and next we’ll go into more detail about the features and services of this firebrand address.

Casino Fatboss external simplicity is impressive

Referring to some sort of alternate universe, the name is partly descriptive for this site, as this time we are entertained in a space landscape bouncing from one planet to another. The little astronaut mascot of Casino Fatboss follows the player around every corner, and this little rascal has been offered a starring role in this spectacle. Of course, for a site with a space adventure theme, dark and bluish colours are more than appropriate. The sleek and elegant background lets the simplicity of the games and functionality speak for itself, as nothing manages to steal your attention away from an even background. In terms of completeness, it can actually be agreed that Fatboss Casino is a quality environment for messing around with games. There’s not much in the way of extra flair on the graphic side, but then again, we weren’t going to a contemporary art exhibition. The chosen design works convincingly for the very purpose of allowing players to concentrate on the essentials and have fun with different styles of gaming.

Fatboss is a good companion

A functioning platform is always a prerequisite when creating a playing surface, and you have to make sure it’s working all the way. The market has not been shocked by a non-mainstream interface, but the framework is actually similar to any other gaming hub. The usual navigation links can be found in the top bar, making it easy to navigate to games and other important pages. From this menu you can find promotions and offers, as well as support services, with login buttons also located in the same element. Scrolling all the way to the bottom of Fatboss Casino brings up an even wider range of links, allowing you to explore the operator itself and its features in more detail. The smoothly scrolling portal still integrates well with the phone screen, which is of course an absolute requirement these days. Add to this the possibility of authentication and payments using bank details and you have Fatboss clearly on the cutting edge. Overall functionality is not a problem and windows load almost on the fly, making navigation really smooth and effortless.

Fatboss Casino has a battalion of money transfer methods at its disposal

When it comes to payments, it’s always a good idea to rely on those who have been working on them for years or decades, as they will handle the transfers safely and securely. At Fatboss Casino, players can expect quite a stellar line-up, as deposits and withdrawals are handled by almost every leading company on the market. There are so many services available that there is a whole section dedicated to the payments and the services that process them. This page can be accessed via the Payments button in the bottom bar and briefly describes each of the available methods, so it is advisable to have a look at it before making a deposit. Trustly is certainly the best known of the providers, and it also allows you to log in and open an account without any additional forms. Fatboss, on the other hand, is a so-called hybrid, so it also allows you to join in the traditional way if you don’t have or don’t want to use a bank account.

Only real money at Fatboss online casino

There is therefore a considerable choice, starting with the login method, but the real candy store is these payment intermediaries. There are card payments, credit transfers, e-wallets and prepaid payment methods. Fatboss Casino actually throws the ball to the player and lets the customer make the choice for themselves and according to their own preferences. The duration of withdrawals is something to consider when choosing a service, as it varies from hours to a few days between different operators.

The licence is firmly in place

Behind every viable gaming site, there is always an industry authority that has checked the operator and its background. There are such bodies in several parts of the world, but over the years one has stood out a little and the newcomer under review here is also relying on it. The Malta Gaming Authority is certainly the strictest and most demanding when it comes to the security of gaming sites and is therefore trusted like a rock. There is another side to this coin as Fatboss comes from the same colour sea stone, which is an excellent reason for choosing this license. So there is a level of control, so you can go on your journey with confidence.

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